Monday, September 7, 2009

Did Jesus Wear Mandals?

While it is well documented that Jesus wore sandals, it is unknown whether those sandals would qualify as mandals. Two schools of thought on the mandals v. sandals debate that still transfixes Bible studies around the world.

The first school of thought holds forth that all sandals in that day were mandals because mandals offer the maximum foot protection among open-toed footwear. Flip-flops and mere sandals came about later once shoes obviated mandals.

The second school points to Jesus's self-imposed poverty. Many people think that both sandals and mandals coexisted in that day and that mandals would have inevitably more expensive. Jesus, being a simple man, would have opted for the less expensive option.

The debate has further been complicated by gladiator sandals. Because the Romans were the occupying oppressors of Jesus's day, it is unlikely that Jesus would wear Roman footwear, but it is also possible that no other styles but gladiator sandals were available.

The truth is, that Jesus wore Jesus sandals–a flimsy shower shoe of a woven sandal.

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