Saturday, September 26, 2009

Did Jesus Give to Charities?

Ignoring the logistical problem that this questions poses–specifically, that there were no charities as we know them today–we can still ask whether Jesus gave his wealth to good causes.

Firstly, Jesus didn't have much in the way of wealth. His ministry was fueled by people along the way. They fed him and gave him a place to stay. Jesus, in that sense, was a charity case.

While Jesus likely had skill as a carpenter, there is no evidence that Jesus ever made much of an income or really engaged in what we might call the formal economy. This would make it difficult for Jesus to give to a charity.

There are cases where Jesus volunteers his time. In fact, this is mostly what we know about Jesus. He went around helping people out, performing miracles, and never asking for money or even credit.

Jesus is a big believer in giving away wealth. He tells one man to sell everything and give it to the poor. The man didn't do it, as far as we know.

Did Jesus give to charities? Wealth, no. Talent and time, yes.

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