Sunday, October 25, 2009

Did Jesus travel to India?

Just like Martin Luther King, Jr. learned much from Gandhi, so some have suggested that Jesus learned from the Buddha. A few coincidences make this theory plausible. Firstly, Jesus' life story has a serious gap in it. We see Jesus at birth, when he is a tween and not again until his ministry begins when he is grown man. His story has plenty of time for him to travel by foot or by treacherous sea to India.

The problem is there is nothing we know of that would compel Jesus to do this. One could argue that God told Jesus to go and guided Jesus to the correct person in India, but there is no record on either side of the Indian Ocean to suggest this.

What is more likely is that people have seen the commonalities between Jesus and Buddha and taken it to mean they must have been of one mind. Some have seen this coincidence and thought it proves they were after the same peace, the same God.

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